Growing up or just a phase?

N and I have always rocked/fed the babies to sleep. When they were two months old the pediatrician told us we should put them down asleep so they would learn to self sooth, but we never did. It was just so much nicer to hold them as they drifted off to sleep. Granted, it was touch and go on getting them into their cribs once they were asleep, but we got pretty good at it.

But now they don’t want anything to do with being rocked to sleep. 😦 Lucas especially will fight it. We know he’s tired, but he refuses to be soothed to sleep. We had several days where he was still awake after 9 o’clock, which was way past his usual bedtime and much later than his sister. So I would simply put him in his crib completely awake. And he’d go to sleep! 😮 There was sometimes a few minutes of babbling or fussing, but it was surprising how quickly he would be silent.

So now when I see him getting tired and clearly fighting it (same with Kyla), I just put him down, turn on the humidifier and noise machine, and close the door.

I know it sounds like a great thing, but to be honest I hate it. I like holding them as they fall asleep. I like looking at their sleeping faces and falling in love all over again. I like the snuggling and to sing to them as their eyes roll back and they can no longer hold their lids open. Why don’t they want to do that anymore? 😦 I want my babies back!



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2 responses to “Growing up or just a phase?

  1. Cathy Manor

    but you should be resting better and getting more sleep! Just wait until Lucas says kiss me now before we get close to school. That’s a real heartbreaker!

    Do we get snow pictures? Loved my day off today, but will hate it when we have to make it up!

  2. Lori Shugart

    I guess I should say enjoy the extra rest while you can. Sounds like they are really becoming more independent.But hard on mama because they turn away and hard on aunts too! I have found that out as well.

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