Yeah, I know that the “D” sound is easier to say for babies than “M,” but couldn’t ONE of my babies say “Ma-ma-ma” first? Apparently not. 😉

A couple of days ago Lucas started saying “Da-da-da-da” and we’ve been trying to reinforce it and give it a meaning for him. He says it a LOT now, but he still doesn’t connect it to N. Maybe that’s because most of the time the response is “Da-da’s not here right now. He’ll be home later.” And when N is around, he doesn’t react most of the time. I think he has a hard time remembering that “Da-da” is him. 😉

Today I was telling N that Kyla should say “Ma-ma” first so we’d get to feel equally important. Not even an hour later, she joined Lucas in saying “Da-da-da.” Stinker. 😉

And I know this is a total subject change, but I also wanted to include a bit about their eating today. Up to now, most of the food I offer them gets played with, chewed on, and then most of it ends up on the floor for the dogs to eat. But today they ate like crazy! I gave them Chex cereal (dry) for the first time today for breakfast and Lucas gobbled it up! I thought for sure I’d find a ton in his bib pocket, but there really wasn’t much. He actually ate it! Then, when they were at their grandfather’s house, Kyla gobbled down the Chex and Lucas went after animal crackers (their grandfather has been dying to give them Animal Crackers since the day they were born @@). Then, when we went to lunch, they tried black beans, plantain, yucca, tamale, tortilla chips, and lemon! They ate a lot of it, too! And at dinner they ate an entire rice cake between them, several yogurt dots (baby snacks by Gerber), and chewed on some green beans (but mostly spit those out).

Next time I go to the store I plan to get some more fruits and veggies for them. Lately I’ve been giving them a lot of rice cakes because they are easy (and they seem to love them). I know they enjoyed the baked sweet potato fries, so I’ll probably do some roasted veggie sticks like that. I’m so excited that food is starting to actually be swallowed more! 😀


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