I just got a phone call from Dr. P. I had a MUGA scan done this morning to check my heart function. In 2006 my LV function was 30-something %. That was before I got my bi-v ICD. The scan in 2007 showed “improvement” as did the one in 2008 (I don’t remember exact numbers, but I think the numbers were similar, but a little higher, which was a vast improvement over the yearly decline I’d been having). Then I had a lousy scan in 2009 that said I had 20-something % function, but I’d been having arrhythmia at the time and that can skew the results. So today I had another scan done to see where we are…

LV function is 69% !!!!!!!! 😮 That’s amazing! 😀 I don’t remember EVER having function that high. Both the radiologist that read the test (he’s read all of mine, so he’s very familiar) and my cardiologist were completely floored and ecstatic!

N’s response was “So why do you feel like crap?” Dr. P thinks we need to focus on my blood pressure and heart rate and most likely play with meds. She’s going to contact Dr. D and see about setting up a stress test and try to get to the bottom of this mess and get me to feeling better. I’m so glad I have her. 🙂

I’m still so amazed at a function of 69!!!!!! That’s good for NORMAL people! 😀



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2 responses to “Amazing!!

  1. Cathy Manor

    Way to go on heart function! Go girl! Should someone tell you that having active, adorable twins can make a person feel like crap!!! Just teasing, hopefully adjusting the meds can give you the energy to try to keep up with these two! Thanks for keeping us up to date. You make me feel a part of the lives.

    • heartjourney

      Cathy, that’s what I keep saying. “I don’t know if this is just mom-of-twins feeling like crap, or something’s-wrong-with-my-heart feeling like crap…” My cardiologist and N both lean towards the heart. So we’ll see if there’s anything we can do. I hope so!

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