Hands full

“Wow. You must really have your hands full!”

This is what everyone said to me as they passed me at Target today. Lucas was in the basket, chillin’ with his feet up on the handle, while Kyla snuggled down in the snugglie on my chest. That was the calmest, most relaxing part of my day…

As we arrived home from Target we got a phone call from N’s aunt, D (I’d called her earlier in the day, but she’d left her phone at home). I told her the twins needed to go down for a nap, but afterward we’d come over. Two hours later they finally fell asleep. And an hour and a half after that, they were up again (leaving me only enough time to attempt to wash bottles before the bottle brush broke in half, then do a little work for the online class I TA).

We went straight over D’s house and the babies were EVERYWHERE! Fortunately, D had prepared by moving MOST things out of their reach (we discovered their reach is farther than expected). We were still over there when their usual bed time arrived. They fell asleep in our arms while we talked a while longer.

When I got them home, they of course woke right up. I’d hoped to be able to get them back down quickly, but they had other ideas… Instead of sleeping, this is what they did:

Kyla and scarf

Kyla played dress up with my scarf

Monkey Lucas

and Lucas looked for new ways to get into things he shouldn't.

Are my hands full? I’d definitely say yes. But so is my heart. So it’s okay. 🙂


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