The house of sick :(

Friday Lucas woke up with a face full of snot. So I took him to the doctor (he’d been coughing for weeks and I’d been waffling about taking him in, so I decided it was time to just go for it). The pediatrician said it was just a cold and we’d have to ride it out. *sigh*

Saturday Kyla and I woke up with it. I don’t know if they feel the same way I do, since they continue to play most of the day (but whine quite a bit more than usual to be held). But personally, my head hurts, my throat’s a little scratchy, and my sinuses are clogged. Their main problem seems to be breathing (especially when trying to eat). And they’re probably really annoyed that every time they come over to me I wipe their noses (I never realized what an aversion I had to snotty noses before).

This morning, as N left for work, he told me he thinks he may be coming down with the cold too. This is so not fun. 😦

While at the pediatrician’s office I did get to find out that Lucas is weighing 19 lbs. 11 oz (with clothes and diaper on). And the doctor was surprised that he (and Kyla) is crawling and pulling up. Her daughter (a few days older than the twins) is not there yet. I told her “Just goes to show how different each kid will be! Lucas was crawling over a month ago and Kyla just figured out real crawling a couple of days ago.”

Not only are they both crawling, but they are working hard on figuring out all kinds of other things… Like climbing. 😦 Lucas decided he really wanted the stuff on top of the record player:

Lucas climbing

Future Mountain Climber

The boxes are there in an effort to keep him out from behind my recliner where there are lots of power cords. Kyla has gone OVER these boxes twice. And she also enjoys trying to go THROUGH the end table next to N’s chair to escape the living room:

Kyla escaping

Kyla escaping

These two do not let me slow down, even when we’re all sick. This is going to be a LOOOONG day.


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One response to “The house of sick :(

  1. Jennifer

    They are so cute, and getting so big. I hope your all feeling better soon. The next joy comes when they have two free hands and are standing upright, you won’t believe what they can get into. It’s so worth it though.

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