I thought I’d list some of the advantages to BLW.

First is less mess. I know it seems like a big mess to have 7 month old babies feeding themselves, but when compared to the purees that would get all over, I definitely think chunks of food that can be easily picked up off the tray, lap, or floor are WAY less messy than orange stains all over the place!

There’s less planning. When doing purees I had to think ahead about what, when, and where the babies were going to eat. When we went to Houston I had to pack food just for them, along with spoons. I also could only feed them at my sister’s house because she had high chairs, but my brother did not. Finding the time to feed them was also a hassle, since the days were so busy with visiting, driving around, and we were totally out of routine (not that I’d really found a good routine for feeding them yet anyway). Now, I just feed them when I eat. And frequently I feed them what I eat. Granted, sometimes I give them their own leftovers from the day before, but it is still WAY easier than making sure I have enough jars of whichever fruit or vegetable we’re supposed to be trying today.

Next is eating a hot meal. By giving them food while we eat, it keeps them occupied, happy, and included, which means we get to eat our meal warm instead of taking turns and letting someone’s meal get cold. I just wish we’d discovered this sooner!

Another wonderful advantage to BLW is TIME. I needed to get some soup put together and into the slow cooker for dinner tonight and planned to do it while the babies napped. Unfortunately, they both decided that napping was for the birds. 😦 So after unsuccessfully trying to get them to entertain themselves while I chopped and diced, I decided to stick them in their high chairs where they could see me and gave them some water, cucumber, and apple. They were happy as larks gnawing, sipping (or dumping) water, and watching me cook. 😀 No way to do that with spoon feeding!

Oh, and believe it or not, I’ve lost 3 pounds since starting the babies on table food. I’m eating better because I want the babies to eat what I’m eating and don’t want to give them trash. We have not done drive through in weeks, and neither N nor I have any desire to.

I’m a complete convert! There is no way anyone will ever convince me that BLW is not the way to go. I’m just sorry I let myself be convinced that I had to do purees initially and missed out on all this fun their first month of feeding!


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