Culinary Broadening

So as of today the babies have been offered the following foods: banana, sweet potato, carrot, green bean, broccoli, mushroom, pickle, cucumber, scrambled egg, mashed potato, apple, clementine, beef (they just sucked on it a bit), and onion. Some were certainly more preferred than others, but overall they have been open to trying new things. The biggest hits to date have been apples, pickles, and cucumbers.

On Thursday we went out to eat with MIL and BIL. I brought along some green beans for them to eat (or throw on the ground, mostly) and that helped to keep them entertained for part of the time. I need to take the book’s suggestion and try to make it so that the babies are not sitting at the table much before the food arrives. But live and learn. Overall they did a great job, though, so no complaints.

Because we’re trying to include the babies in our meals I’ve been trying to cook better meals for us that include more vegetables that we can offer to the babies. Who knew that feeding babies would turn into a health benefit for us! LOL More than half my groceries yesterday were fresh vegetables. 😀

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