My little piggie

This evening was quite a treat! My aunt came over and picked up food for the two of us to eat. It was spicy Mexican food, so I didn’t feel comfortable feeding that to the twins just yet. Instead they ate more of the sweet potato I made for them yesterday. Lucas ate it with gusto! And he was really and truly eating a lot of it! Not all, but more than I expected, at least. He just kept shoveling them in. πŸ˜€

Kyla, on the other hand was having none of it. She didn’t even want to put any into her mouth. Which is odd, because she’s usually the one putting everything into her mouth (remember, she popped the whole clementine segment into her mouth this morning). I think the problem was that she was tired. She had not had a very good nap in the morning and so her “afternoon” nap was much earlier than usual. Her brother went down again around 3, but she wasn’t interested. So as a result she was a complete sourpuss while the three of us enjoyed our meal.

Tomorrow I think I may try green beans or broccoli (have both in the freezer, ready to be steamed). The book came today, so I plan to head to bed early and try to read a bit of it. I’m so excited that I have found a solution to the meal time stress! πŸ˜€



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2 responses to “My little piggie

  1. Kristin

    I’m a little intrigued by this baby-led. I’m not really looking foward to feeding jar food because of the huge mess that it will cause. At least with giving them solids the dogs will be extremely happy. Let me know what you think of the book.

    • heartjourney

      Kristin, I highly encourage you to try baby led weaning! It’s SO much less stressful than those awful jars of puree! Especially when dealing with two like we are. I’d be happy to share my experiences with you if you want. I’ll be posting more about it as we continue. I’m finally excited about introducing solids to my kids and look forward to meal time instead of dreading it. πŸ˜€

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