Holy cow!

Okay, so yesterday’s sweet potato experiment went well. Both babies seemed to really enjoy picking up the sticks of food and directing them toward their mouths. It wasn’t until we took them out of their high chairs that we discovered just how little actually made it into their stomachs! 😉 Much to the delight of the dogs! And I must say that sweet potato is much less messy than banana, so I’m all for it. 😉

I still have some left over sticks of sweet potato for them to have today, but I also let them try a new food this morning. Nothing formal. I didn’t even put them in their high chairs. I just wanted to see their reactions. I was eating a Cutie (California Clementine) and offered a segment to Lucas. He sucked and sucked on it, just as I thought he would. Then it was Kyla’s turn. She also sucked on hers while holding it in her fist, but for much longer than Lucas. Afterward she was not content to watch me eat more without offering some to her! I gave her another segment, expecting the same approach. This time she put the whole thing in her mouth which freaked me out, but I tried not to show it. I expected gagging at any moment. Nope. She did spit it out, then pop it back in. The second time she spit it out only half of it remained! I looked in her mouth and spied the other half and waited with my hand beneith her chin for it to come back out. It didn’t. She swallowed it! 😮 And then she picked up the other half and popped it back into her mouth! When it came out again I decided my poor heart couldn’t handle much more, so I took it away from her and threw it away. I know I should have let her continue, but it was just so nerve wracking!

N works today and won’t be coming home until late, so the three of us are on our own. My uncle is out of town, so I asked my aunt if she’d like to get together for dinner. It’s up in the air, but I expect that we will most likely eat here at home. Regardless, I think I’ll offer sweet potatoes while I eat lunch and play it by ear as far as dinner goes. I know I’m not ready to offer them anything from a restaurant (way too much salt!), but I can always steam up some green beans or something for them to eat while we have something else.


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