Mom Update

I went down to see Mom Friday and came back Sunday. I’m very glad I went, and I think Mom was too. She seemed to perk up a bit when I told her I was on my way (I waited to tell her until I was halfway there so she couldn’t tell me to turn around. 😉 ). She’s making small improvements every day, but is frustrated that it’s not happening faster, which is understandable. They’re talking about sending her home tomorrow, though she’s concerned because she still can’t walk unassisted (it’s too painful). When she does get released she will go to my sister’s house so that she won’t be alone.

My sister has been to the hospital every single day since Mom went in, which is starting to really take its toll on her emotionally. She hit a wall yesterday and all it took was me asking what was wrong for her to break down. 😦 She’s very worried about Mom coming to stay with her because she knows she won’t be able to help her get around (she has a bad back). I know she could use some prayers to get through all of this emotionally. She has had to shoulder the majority of the burden through this and I hate that I can’t ease it for her some. I will have to think of something special to do for her later.

While I was visiting Mom, N and I set it up so that she could see the babies on video chat. 🙂 She got to see Lucas crawl right up to the computer and try to figure out how to get Mama and Grandma out of the “box.” 😉 It was very cute. Now she’s wanting to get a new computer with a video camera in it so she can “Skype” with us more often. We even decided to Skype on Christmas so that we could at least see each other that way, since it’s the first one we’ve ever spent apart. We still plan to go down afterward to do Christmas with her, my brother, and my sister, but at least this way we can see each other a little on the actual day. 🙂

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