We have…

… a crawler! Lucas is on the move! He figured it out on Wednesday and is really haulin’ now. He’s all over the place and already getting into things. N and I have decided that we need to have someone keep the babies for a day so we can go through the house cleaning up the things they don’t need to be getting into. It’s difficult to get any done with them here.

Kyla isn’t really crawling yet, but she’s definitely mobile. She army crawls (pulls herself along with her arms, dragging her legs behind). We’re not sure if she’ll ever decide to do more than that. She gets around pretty well already.

Also, the “tooth” we thought we saw several weeks ago on Lucas was a false alarm. BUT, there are now TWO coming through. And this is real, because I can feel them just below the surface, not to mention see them. I wish I could get a good picture, but he always sticks out his tongue when I try to move his lip out of the way.

I just cannot believe how fast they are changing. Every day is a little different. I just love to watch them discover new things. And when they interact with each other, it’s SOOO cute. Lately their favorite thing to do when they get close to each other is to lick each others’ heads. LOL They get some funny cowlicks that way! And Lucas tries to crawl OVER Kyla, which makes her scream because she can’t move. LOL They are so adorable! I’m going to miss them so much these next couple of days while I’m visiting my mom. 😦



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2 responses to “We have…

  1. Lori Shugart

    How neat that the twins are really changing! Amazing that Lucas is crawling now! Sounds like Kyla is getting around fine though! And Lucas getting teeth as well! Go Lucas! I know you will miss the babies but they will be fine! I am so glad that Nathan can help you more now by doing more with the babies! Nathan is good for you and you for him! It is good that you can go see your mom for a couple of days! This will be good for all in the long run, hopefully!Take care and if I don’t talk to you before Christmas , have a great one! I know it will be special no matter what!

  2. Cathy Manor

    Ok. Everything you are feeling is so normal and it’s ok to have all of those feelings. I think Lori expressed it beautifully. This is an important Christmas for you, but it is not going to be as you imagined and that is what makes it so diffucult. You do a wonderful job treasuring each moment and you will continue to do that. Your visit to mom may be just the push she needs to move around, get out of bed, and do what the dr. says.

    You and Nathan are just beginning your chase after kiddos. Great idea to take a day to childproof, but it is a constant process. Love to all of you. Merry Christmas. Prayers continue.

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