Small Mom update

I’ve talked to Mom every day for short conversations. That’s so weird to me because the joke in my family is that you can never get off the phone with my mom and even a “quick” call to tell her something will result in an hour long conversation. Now she seems like she can’t get off the phone fast enough. 😦 She does seem to be improving, though most of my updates have been from my sister, since Mom won’t tell me anything. The doctor thinks she’s in the hospital “for the long haul.”

I am heading down today. N will stay home with the babies and the dogs this time. We’ll go back down as a family once Mom is out of the hospital so we can celebrate Christmas. Mom does not know I’m coming. I didn’t want to get into an argument.

I’m going to miss the babies terribly, though. They’re changing so much every day.

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Filed under doctor's appts., family, stress

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