Hospital Land

Yep. Here I am again. 😦 Only this time it’s not heart related, oddly enough! Apparently I have a blocked ureter (the tube between the kidneys and bladder). But they can’t figure out what is blocking it. And the urologist is too scared of all my medical history to go in with a scope to figure it out. Instead he’s playing the “wait-and-see” game. He said something about starting me on antibiotics, but I haven’t gotten any yet. And he’s waiting on the results of blood and urine cultures they took yesterday. I think he’s hoping it will either resolve itself, or he can put me off until one of his partners can deal with me. :p

And Mom’s in the hospital too. They did exploratory surgery yesterday and discovered that she had a pin sized hole in her intestine. She now has a drain tube and won’t be allowed to eat for 4-5 days (I think). They’re keeping her in the hospital for awhile, but we’re not sure how long. When I talk to her she doesn’t sound so good, but my sister says she looks better than she sounds. She’s refusing pain meds because she hates the fuzzy feeling it gives her (which I totally understand), which means she’s in pain. The doctor wants her to get up and moving around, but she says she’s dreading that. I know my sister and brother are trying their best with her, but she sure can be stubborn. I’ve been trying to give my sister advice based on my experience as a patient. I hope it’s helping. I wish I could do more.

Today was the first full day of my babies’ lives that I have not seen them at all. 😦 It stinks. N did get on Skype so I could see them via webcam. They smiled when they saw me on the screen, which makes me happy. But I miss them so much. I wish I could go home. This is the absolute worst part of being a parent. Not being there. 😦



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2 responses to “Hospital Land

  1. Lori Shugart

    Well, take it easy girl! I didn’t know your mom was in the hospital too- pin sized hole in intestine. Hope she feels better soon too! Keep us posted on everything going on! We are thinking about you and your family! It is never dull for sure!

  2. Cathy Manor

    Yuk! That’s all I have to say. I hope your issue can be cleared up quickly, maybe with meds. Sounds like Mom’s issue might be longer. I hope Nathan has help with the twins. You and the twins were adorable on the video. You are moving back up higher on the prayer list. Take care. Get well.

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