I can say one thing for my family… we’re never dull! 😦

Tuesday night I started having some abdominal pain after eating dinner. I didn’t want to deal with an ER, so I waited it out. Plus, we had the twins’ 6 month check up Wednesday morning. The pain wasn’t any better the next morning, so after we finished with the pediatrician, I went to a walk in clinic near our house (N’s been there before and likes the doc). I saw the PA (who was very nice) and she did not appear to be intimidated by my odd anatomy, thank goodness! I really liked that she talked through her thought process with me, so I knew she was really listening to me.

Anyway, she felt like the pain could be from any number of things, so sent me through the ringer of tests. I had blood work, urine test, and a ct scan. At that time she felt like I had a bladder/kidney infection and she gave me a shot of antibiotic and a script to take home. I went back today for follow up and the blood showed a high white blood count and positive for h. pylori (ulcers). But she was pretty sure the h. pylori was not the cause of the pain. She thinks it might be diverticulitis or colitus. So she’s trying to get me in with a GI doc tomorrow.

And if that isn’t enough to deal with… I got a phone call from my mom this evening to tell me she’s in the ER for… abdominal pain. They did a ct scan and found she has air in her stomach?!? I’ve never heard of that. They are admitting her to the hospital and have started her on IV antibiotics. If the antibiotics don’t do the trick they may have to do surgery. 😦 Fortunately, my brother (who now lives down there, thank goodness) has the next 4 days off so he and his wife will be able to take care of her and her dog.

My MIL is going to come over tomorrow to help me with the twins while N is at PT. We’re supposed to close on our refinancing tomorrow afternoon, and I have a feeling I may have to ask them to reschedule. I don’t want to, since it’s taken them over a month to get it together and I’m ready for it to be over with.

I feel like crud, I’m in pain, and I just want to feel better. 😦 N’s been great, taking care of the twins the last two days, but I know it’s not easy for him either. I just hope I don’t end up in the hospital, though I’m afraid that may be where I’m headed. 😦

I’ll post the twins’ 6 month stats in a separate post so it doesn’t get lost in the negativity of this post.


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