Let the games begin!

Over Thanksgiving K&L started to show some signs that they might be ready to try solid foods. The most obvious of which was grabbing at our food when we tried to eat while holding them. They will be 6 months old on Tuesday, which is the suggested age for starting solids. We have their 6 month checkup scheduled for Wednesday. I decided to go ahead and give it a try today so I can ask questions if I have any on Wednesday.

It was pretty amusing watching them discover the new flavor and texture of the rice cereal. N was standing by with the camera and got some great shots.

Kyla started out slowly, but got to where she would open up when she saw the spoon coming:

Gimme more!

Once she had her fill she started to blow and spit the food all over her face. Hopefully we didn’t reinforce that behavior too much with our laughter. 😉


Lucas was a little less sure about the experience. Which I though odd, since he’s the one that grabs at my food the most. His facial expressions were priceless.

Hmm... I'm not sure...

You want me to eat more?

I'm done!

Overall I think it went well. I look forward to seeing how they react tomorrow. 🙂


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