That explains it!

Lucas has been having issues lately with getting/saying asleep and has just been screaming a lot more lately. It’s so frustrating to know something is wrong but not know what or how to fix it. Well, as he was fussing this afternoon I looked into his mouth and saw the very tip of a tooth coming in! 😮 I have had tons of people asking “Is he teething?” when I say what’s going on. But every time I felt his gums there was nothing there. Plus, W didn’t get his first tooth until he was 9 months (according to my mom), so I thought maybe we were a family of late teethers. Guess not! We gave him some tylenol and he settled right down. It’s so good to know what’s going on and be able to do something about it! I can’t believe my little boy is getting his first tooth!

Edited to add: Um, maybe it was a false alarm? The tooth disappeared the next day and has not returned. I’m told teeth can go up and down, but I would have thought it would be back by now (12/8). Oh, well.


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