My babies experienced their first Thanksgiving last week. ❤ They did a fabulous job. We went to my aunt's house and even though their naps were all kinds of screwy, they were in pretty good moods the majority of the time.

The day after Thanksgiving my sister and her family came up, so we spent more time at my aunt's (that's where they were staying, as my brother and SIL were at our house). W has gotten SO big and is talking so much. He even says my name now! 😀 And he can say the babies' names too, but usually calls them "baby." On Sunday we went to Northpark to see the train exhibit (W loves trains) and again, the babies were great. I couldn't have asked for better. 🙂

L is getting SO close to crawling. He's lunging forward (and landing on his face), and has even started to tuck his knee under him so he can move to sitting (sort of). Here we thought K would be the first to crawl, but she seems to have given up, but L is determined!

This morning we looked out the window to see snow. 😦 I know other people are all excited and stuff, but personally, I am not a fan. Snow is cold, wet, slippery, and gross. I don't know if I have warm enough clothes for my babies. And N is one of those weird people who likes snow (so is MIL) and he wants to get the babies out in the snow to take pictures. But it's just wet and mushy out there right now, so I don't think there will be a good photo op (thank goodness!).

Unfortunately, I need to get out in it today because I have to get something printed and our printer is broken. 😦 Guess I should see about showering and bundling us all up. Brrr!


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  1. Jennifer

    I’m not a fan of the snow either, but one of my favorite pictures is of my youngest daughter in her snowsuit in her excersaucer in a snow drift. Just an idea. I’m glad that you had a good Thanksgiving, it’s even more fun when they get mobile.

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