Slow Down! (revisited)

Okay, so I am just now getting a chance to revisit this train of thought. And even since then, new things have developed (of course!).

Today Lucas sat by himself for a minute or two. I was able to grab the camera and snap several pics before he fell. What a big boy!

I'm sitting!

Kyla worked on trying to crawl again today. She’s got the legs part down, now if she could just coordinate the arms. 😉 A lot of times she goes up on her tip toes and Mom says she looks like she’s doing yoga. LOL

Yoga anyone?

Things haven’t been all roses, of course. Babies generally have their good and bad moments. While N and I know we are the luckiest parents in the world, we’re also exhausted. The last few weeks have been really tough. For awhile they were really consistent in their sleep patterns and even though I wasn’t keen on the time they liked to wake up, I was getting used to it. Then they went nuts. They started waking up at 4 AM and not going back to sleep. And the naps have been hit or miss. The last few days they’ve taken turns with their naps. Yesterday they went back and forth taking 10-20 minute cat naps. Today they both napped longer, but never at the same time. I’m exhausted.

But, on Monday N had a followup with his neurosurgeon. He asked if it would be possible to increase his weight limit (for lifting) from 15 lbs to 20 lbs because the kids are 16 and 18 lbs. The doctor said it was fine with him, as long as PT says it’s okay. He starts PT on Monday morning. So hopefully he’ll be able to help a lot more! Of course, he’s kind of picked them up a few times this week anyway, but mostly Kyla, since she’s the lighter one. He says he’s been a little sore from it, but I’m sure PT will help ease that.

Monday we had a play date with two other sets of twins and their moms. Kyla and Lucas were the oldest kids there! LOL We met at KA’s house. We sat and talked while their babies slept, and mine played. Their babies were SO tiny and I couldn’t even remember Kyla and Lucas being that small! I ended up going back through old pictures just to see how tiny they used to be. It’s amazing how much they’ve changed. Look at this picture from when we first brought them home!

So tiny!

How can so much change in just 5 months? I wish I could slow it down!



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3 responses to “Slow Down! (revisited)

  1. Gabrielle Lasko

    Have a happy Thanksgiving. They are getting so big.

  2. Lori Shugart

    Wow they have really changed and seem to be really wanting to do a lot now. I bet you will have a crawler soon! And starting to do the beginning talking too! I am hopeful that Nathan can start to be able to help you more and I hope his Physical Therapy goes well. I am so sorry you could not come the other night to dinner but I understand too. We did have a good visit and we didn’t set a new date yet. I do miss talking to you and really need to come see those babies again soon or they are going to be toddlers instead. Thinking about you!

  3. Cathy Manor

    You have a already learned a rule of parenthood. You think you have it all down and zap the kiddos will change it all. I’m glad you are making playdates. You can get out a bit and also find out other twin how-to’s. I hope you had a restful Thanksgiving because you went to someone else’s house, had extra arms for the babies, and maybe took a nap. Keep us posted on Nathan’s Physical Theraphy. Happy Thanksgiving.

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