5 months (and one day)

Yesterday the babies turned 5 months. Amazing! They’re changing so much and really developing adorable personalities.

The other day while I was on the computer, K was on the floor and L was in the exersaucer. Suddenly I notice that they’re both laughing! I look up to discover that they are looking and laughing at each other. Too cute! Then today, while I was grading papers, N told me to look up. They were talking to each other! šŸ™‚

Yesterday I did a bit of cleaning, getting ready for their impending mobility. I took the play mat and swing, which they’re no longer interested in, up to the attic and moved the exersaucer to give them a bigger area in which to play. I’ve also rearranged the furniture in their bedroom, making room to move the pack ‘n’ play (still set up as a bassinet) into the room. I’m trying out having them sleep in separate beds at night to see if that improves things. Last night was great, but we’ll see if that is thanks to the separation or the fact that K was up til 8 last night. Either way, I’ll take it! Unfortunately, nap time this morning has not been so successful. Thirty minutes does not count as a nap, in my opinion. That’s what my grandfather calls “resting your eyes.”

The swing actually breaks down to become a little rocking chair. L looks like such a big boy sitting in it:

Big Boy Chair

Sittin' in his big boy chair

And K is really figuring out how to get herself up off the floor. Check out her practicing:


Next step, crawling


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One response to “5 months (and one day)

  1. Cathy Manor

    Thank you for sharing them with me Sunday evening. They are just growing so fast! Keep taking those pictures!

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