I know it’s been a while since my last update (going out of town can do that ;)) and you all want to know how N is doing, but right now I want to reflect on my amazing kids.

Every day they do something new that amazes me.


Kyla is such a good baby. Content to play on her own, exploring toys and the world around her. She’s rarely fussy. Of course, if she’s not happy she lets you know it (at a very high volume), but most of the day is spent in contentment.

She is half way to crawling and trying SO hard to figure out how to get from point A to point B (or anywhere in between). She can get her knees up under her, but ends up face down in the ground. Or she can push up high on her hands, but her torso weighs her down. She’s even managed to get her generous belly off the ground a time or two (if only for a moment). You can see the gears working in her brain as she tries to figure out how she can get across the blanket to the toys I’ve placed there (who in her right mind would settle for the toys right in front of her?). Instead, her flailing turns her in circles and she looks completely baffled as to how she got to this new vantage point. 😀

She’s also developed quite the fascination with her brother. When he is near she likes to grab onto his arm or shirt and chow down! I don’t know why his fingers are so much tastier than her own, but she sure seems to think they are. But considering he likes her fingers better, I guess it’s a fair trade.

Her smile is to die for. It lights up her whole face. And she’s very generous with her smiles. At least with N and me. When she sees us, her whole body seems to say “Yea! You’re here!” She sure knows how to melt our hearts. I cannot believe how much she’s learned in just the last few weeks!


Lucas is also growing and changing. He’s gotten SO big. He is still a bit of a whiner (I’m fearing that will never change) and would much rather be held or talked to than be left to his own devices, but he’s getting better.

And boy does he love to “talk!” N and I joke that he’s going to be a food critic because after every bottle we’re treated to a “commentary” from our little babbler. He can go on and on. It’s SO cute!

He’s also working on mobility. He finally rolled from his front to his back the other day. Though it hasn’t been consistent, he has done it more than once. I think his delay in this area has been due to two things. One is his arm when he was first born. Not being able to really use that arm for the first two weeks set him back a bit. Plus, I think we held him a bit more than his sister because of it. So that leads to the second reason. He hasn’t spent as much time on his tummy as Kyla because he fusses any time he’s put down. I’m trying to remedy that. Now that he can hold his head up higher he’s not as fussy about tummy time. As long as he has someone’s attention. Of course, I have to watch that I don’t put him down too soon after a meal, or half of it ends up on the quilt!

We started putting Lucas into his exercauser when he was 3.5 months old. At that time he really didn’t have any clue how to interact with the toys and buttons surrounding him. He was content to look at them and watch us push buttons and spin things for him. But now is completely different! He can push buttons, spin the monkeys, flip pieces, and even turn himself around! I was watching him today and realizing just how far he’s come in a month.

My babies amaze me every day. They frustrate me too, of course, but every time I notice something new I think “Wow! You’re growing up so fast! Slow down!” My sister told me last week that she’d forgotten how boring babies were. Personally, I find them fascinating. But you have to take the time to pay attention to the subtle changes every day. I’m trying to savor it. I know this is my only chance. 🙂

Okay, a brief update on N. He’s doing better, but still can’t stand for long periods or do too much. It’s hard for me to remember because he’s getting around so much better. When we got back from our trip he tried to help out by making dinner and occasionally entertaining the kids. It ended up being too much and he had to take pain meds, even though he didn’t the whole time we were gone. 😦 I feel bad for getting frustrated when he can’t do something to help me. We’re both having to work on our communication on this matter. I hate asking for help, and he hates not being able to give it.

As for the trip, it went well. Lucas cried from Centerville to Huntsville on the way down, but he’d been fed and changed so there wasn’t much more I could do for him. The ride back I don’t think he slept much, but he only cried about half the time. 😉 We survived, though. No twin mom would survive the day to day if she couldn’t tolerate a little crying. As long as I knew his needs were all met and he was simply crying because he wanted to be held, I pushed on. We made pretty decent time, too. And seeing my mom, sister, nephew, and BIL was nice. I’m glad we went. Unfortunately, I did not get to see my brother and SIL’s new house, as they were both sick. 😦 Hopefully next time!

Guess I should get back to the kids. Kyla has rolled herself off the quilt and is bound to spit up on the carpet if I don’t move her back. And Lucas is starting to demand some attention (I’m amazed he lasted this long!). A mother’s life is never dull!



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2 responses to “Amazement

  1. Lori Shugart

    Wow, I sure need to come see them soon,it sounds like.Sounds like a lot of changes! Sounds like Kyla is doing really well and Lucas sounds like he really still is demanding but getting better and easier.
    Glad that Nathan is doing as well as can be expected! Glad your trip went well! Need to get together just to visit and catch up. Thanks for the update!

  2. Cathy Manor

    I’m so proud of you for having the good sense to enjoy each and every moment even crying from Centerville to Huntsville! Thank you for sharing. It makes us all feel a part of their special lives. I love checking for updates even though I know you are terribly busy. Glad to hear Nathan is on the road to recovery. Just like broken ribs your brain wants to do one thing but your body says, “no, not yet.”

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