4 months old!

Today Kyla and Lucas are 4 months old. Wow. Time sure is flying.

I took the babies to their doctor appointment by myself today. N is home, but moves VERY slowly. He’s very sore, so he opted to stay home. This is the first time I’ve taken them both to the doctor by myself. It didn’t go too badly, thank goodness.

They are growing like weeds. Here are the stats:

Kyla: 14 lbs. 1.1 oz (61%), 24 inches long (42%), and 16 inch head circumference (42%).

Lucas: 16 lbs 5.4 oz (77%), 26 inches long (84%), and 16.85 inch head circumference (65%).

So Kyla is short and chubby, and Lucas is long and lean (for his height)? 😉 For the most part, they were pretty happy babies while being examined. Lucas didn’t want to be put down (so I held him most of the visit), but Kyla was content to sit in the stroller and watch what was going on. That is, until they started the vaccinations. Kyla started screaming with the oral one and just kept going from there. Lucas was smiling and interacting with the nurses right up until they stuck him in each leg. Poor baby. I gave them tylenol immediately (learned my lesson at one month!) and they fell asleep in the car. They’re both sleeping now. Hopefully they’ll be okay this afternoon for a trip to the grocery store. We have nothing in the house and I can’t leave them with N.

One day at a time…. That’s my new mantra. 🙂

I wanted to add some photos. Didn’t have them when I posted before.

Wow! We're 4 months old?!

Wow! We're 4 months old?!

Doctor's visits are such hard work!

Doctor's visits are such hard work!

Sleepin' with Daddy. :)

Sleepin' with Daddy. 🙂



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4 responses to “4 months old!

  1. Lori Shugart

    neat! Wow it is hard to believe that they are already 4 months old!

  2. Gabrielle Lasko

    They are so cute. I just want to pinch there cheeks.

  3. I just found your blog. I was about to post something for you on PTS. Sounds like you have had a busy few months. The babies are so precious! We’re going to the game this weekend in Dallas, are you?

  4. Jennifer

    They are so precious and getting so big. I’m glad that they are doing so well.

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