One night down, two to go

Well, I survived the first night (and apparently so did N). Sadly, I think I was awakened as much, if not more, than if I’d been home with the babies. Granted, I didn’t have to get out of bed, but still. Is it really necessary to wake a patient 4 times for vitals, 1 time for an EKG, and 1 time for blood? Are these so important when you’re on a freaking heart monitor 24 hours?? And why the middle of the night for blood? It’s never made sense to me. *sigh*

Other than being bored and missing my babies, I’m doing fine. Interestingly, I have the same room and same nurse as the last time I was here! LOL I really like my nurse. She helped me (emotionally) a lot the last time I was here. I’m glad she got to meet the babies yesterday. Last night she said she wouldn’t be here today, but she’d be back Thursday. Then she walked in this morning! Apparently they called her in and she decided that since she liked her patients yesterday she’d come on in. I told her she just wanted to see me some more. 😉

The food in this hospital tends to be a step up from most hospitals. But last night I chose poorly. It was bland and I had to force myself to eat it all so that I wouldn’t be starving by morning (no one to go get me an alternative). I’m hoping someone might bring me food for lunch, but we’ll see. Last night I’d gotten the pasta salad that I loved last time I was here and it was awful. I’m hoping my other favorites haven’t gone downhill. But at least breakfast was still good. They have Southwestern Eggs Benedict. It’s an English muffin, “low sodium” ham, scrambled eggs (I’d prefer over easy, but it’s still good), topped with sour cream and salsa. Yum!

I was told I can shower. Woo hoo! So I think I’ll call in my tech and see about getting that done. Then maybe it’s time for some laps around the floor or maybe some reading? This is going by SOOO slowly! I miss my babies!!! (hopefully they will come by at some point today if N can get them out the door)


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