Okay, so for about a week now I’ve been in limbo regarding the hospital stay to start on sotalol. I got a phone call from my cardiologist (after I called her to find out what was decided in the conference on Monday) saying she ran into the EP that helped with my surgery in December. When she told him about my situation he recommended not using sotalol, but instead using Multaq (Dronedarone) which does not require hospitalization to start. So my cardiologist wanted that EP to get in touch with my regular EP and have them make a decision together. Well, I called Tuesday, nothing. Thursday, nothing. Friday, still nothing. The two EPs have been playing phone tag, apparently. So nothing’s been decided and I’m scheduled to be admitted to the hospital on Tuesday. I’m thinking surely I won’t be going in. At least, I hope not. Except, this Multaq stuff is really new (approved by the FDA in July), so I’m hoping they know what they are doing. I don’t want to go into the hospital, of course, but I also don’t want to be an experiment.

In other news, N’s back is totally messed up. He’s had to take some time off work because he can’t make it through the day without narcotics, which probably isn’t a good idea for a nurse to take while at work. He was able to pick up some hours by working the telemetry room yesterday (and he will again on Monday), but that’s still not his full hours. I sure hope his back is better soon!

Oh! And we finally got the twins birth certificates in the mail today! They’re official! But it was somewhat disappointing to read “Native Oklahoman” in huge letters across the top. Do they really have to remind us. 😉


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