Brother/Sister Love?

Up to this point, the twins have noticed one another very little. But this morning, as I was getting dressed I swear they were “talking” to each other, even though they couldn’t see each other. Then, when they started getting fussy (and I was done getting dressed), I picked them both up to console. Kyla settled quickly, but Lucas did not. “Big” sister reached over and took hold of her brother’s shirt, looking directly into his eyes. I tried my best to capture it on film. Hard to do with your arms pinned by the twinfants. So please excuse the expressions on my face. I wasn’t supposed to be in the shot.

I can’t tell if Kyla is saying “It’ll be okay, Lucas” or “Listen here, bub. Stop that!” LOL



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2 responses to “Brother/Sister Love?

  1. Lori Shugart

    These are really good pictures.You should be proud of them.

  2. Have you heard of wubbanubs? Google them.

    We use them with our twins and they love them.

    Our twins were born on 6-3-09, but they are way smaller than your babies! At 2 mo, mine were 3% and 10%.

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