Due Date Day!

Today is Kyla and Lucas’s Due Date Day! 🙂 They are doing so great.

We also had Lucas’s followup for his arm. N was very nervous because the xray showed that the bone is still at a bit of an angle, but the orthopedist said this wasn’t a problem and it would straighten over time. Yea!!! We don’t have to go back at all if we don’t want to, but he said we could do a followup in 2 months if we just wanted to check on his progress. Also, Lucas is now moving that right arm quite a bit and anyone who didn’t know he had a broken arm when he was born would never even notice.

It has been so fun getting to know their personalities. I realize, of course, that they will change as they grow, but for now we’ve noticed some distinct differences between the two of them. Lucas is much more “needy.” When he’s awake, but sleepy, he likes to be held. He can sit in his bouncy seat and stare at one spot for quite a while (he’s very focused), but soon he starts fussing just to be in someone’s arms. Forget sticking a pacifier in his mouth to sooth him. It won’t stay unless you hold it there. But hold him close and he is content (most of the time). Kyla also loves to be held, but doesn’t seem to need it as much as Lucas. She also seems to be developing her visual and motor skills a bit sooner than Lucas (makes sense, considering the arm). When she’s awake she looks all around. N was trying to get her to look at him one day and she looked everywhere but at him! LOL She’s also picking up her head pretty well and can even hold it up for a good 5-10 seconds! Lucas lifts his head, but is rarely able to keep it up for long. Kyla appears to have two volumes: off, or full-on scream. There’s no in between, so it’s hard to know if she’s just needing her pacifier back in her mouth (she can keep hers in most of the time) or if there’s a big emergency. N says she must love Shakespeare because she makes “much ado about nothing.” LOL

Oddly enough, they also do a lot of things alike. I knew that identical twins would frequently sync up there schedules with each other, but didn’t expect our little fraternal babies to do so to the extent that they do. Every now and then their feeding schedules will manage to get a little off from one another, but they always work their way back to wanting to be fed at the same time. Perhaps that’s my doing, as I try to feed them together at night (saves a little time), but during the day we try to let them dictate their own feeding times. While that one isn’t as much of a surprise, they also seem to have gotten onto the same pooping schedule! Yes, you read that right! It’s not like you can set a clock by them, as they go at various times during the day, but you can almost guarantee that if one has filled his/her diaper, the other has too! Very weird, if you ask me! Oh, and night before last they even got the hiccups at the same time!

Life has been very different in our house, that’s for sure. And even though we sometimes get frustrated because one baby or the other is wanting (no demanding) attention at a time we really would rather be doing something else (like sleep), we are loving it. These two light up our lives and every time we look into either of their faces our hearts melt all over again. We will never be able to say “Thank You” enough to God or our angel, LD, for our little miracles!



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2 responses to “Due Date Day!

  1. Chris

    Oh, I just makes me sooooo happy to see that the babies are thriving and you and N have done so well. I can vaguely remember what I felt like as a first time mom and trust me I don’t think I could have handled two. God Bless You All.

  2. Lori Shugart

    Thanks for the update! Sounds like all is going well and you two are doing great as I expected. That’s good about their schedules! Sounds like Kyla might be a handful as you expected and Lucas probably will do his own thing when he wants to do it. Some time soon, I will call you to see about coming to see them. I am done with summer school. Yea! But it was fun! I really miss you and hope we can get together sometime soon just to visit.

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