For those who have been praying, we have our A/C fixed!!!! 😀 😀 😀

They came yesterday around noonish. I’ve been enjoying sitting in my new recliner and watching the babies sit in their bouncy seats (or rocking them in the chair when need be).

Mornings and evenings/night seem to be the rough time with the twins. That’s when they’re the most awake. They sleep a lot from about 11-6. We really need to adjust that schedule. :/

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  1. Marsha Ammons

    We’ve had AC problems too! I came home Sunday night — had been gone since early Thursday morning at a convention — and the house was like a furnace. John said the AC was just struggling to function because of the hot weather. NOT! It was 91 degrees — in the house!!!!
    He stayed home Monday a.m. while the AC people came out. DX: condenser coil problem. Guy got it going again, will come out Thursday to put in the new coil.

    BTW, my niece pretty much gave up on nursing her twins after 2 or 3 months, at the most. She put them on formula instead. She found it much easier to deal with.
    My other niece, whose son was 1 on June 16, has switched him to cow’s milk from formula. She nursed him for a while, then switched to formula.

    Good luck with the babies!

    Marsha Z. Ammons
    a.k.a. catwoman at valvereplacement.com

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