Checking in.

Ahhh… It feels so good to be in my own house! Even if I am stuck in the bedroom because it’s the only room in the house with A/C. For whatever reason, it just feels so much nicer than carting the kids off to someone else’s house for the day.

Let’s see what I’ve accomplished today.

  1. Fed both kids.
  2. Bathed both kids.
  3. Showered myself and even put on makeup!
  4. Fed both kids (again).
  5. Fed myself.
  6. Updated Facebook (and now my blog).

Whatever will be next??? I’d thought about packing up the kids and heading to the bookstore and grocery store (they’re right next to each other, so I’d only have to park once). N doesn’t think it’s such a good idea. šŸ˜¦ I’ve got it all planned out in my head! He just doesn’t want them to be among that many strangers. Which I understand. But we took them to the mall last weekend when he needed a new computer. What’s the difference? Oh, well. We’ll see how the day goes. For now, I’m content to surf the ‘net and read when they sleep.



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2 responses to “Checking in.

  1. Cathy Manor

    I think you accomplished a LOT today especially the makeup. I remember a day with first son, Rob, when I tried to do laundry and the clean the house in the same day. Never got dressed that day and burst into tears as soon as Bill walked in the house. No matter what your head says (and the commercials) you can’t do it all!!!! That’s my advice for the day!

  2. Nathan

    The difference is that at the mall we carried them. You can’t do that AND shop when you’re by yourself.

    Pace yourself, dear. You’ll be doing it all soon enough! šŸ™‚

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