Home is where the heat is…

Well, we’re back home. But we’re regulated to just the bedroom. The warrantee people won’t be here to look into the A/C problem until tomorrow, but N and I just couldn’t take not sleeping in our own bed any longer (his back is killing him). So we had the brilliant idea to rent a window unit for the bedroom. We also rented one for the living room, but it’s such a large area that it really doesn’t work all that well.

At least we’ll be able to sleep in our own bed tonight. The babies are going naked for awhile, but they don’t seem to mind. We may have to leave during the heat of the day, but at least the evenings are bearable.

Ah, the adventures of home ownership…


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One response to “Home is where the heat is…

  1. Lori Shugart

    Hope they came today to fix the air! That is so hard especially in these 100 degree temperatures. It was hot already this morning at 7:30 doing parking lot duty. I looked at a lot of the pics of those cute babies. Are they doing ok still? How are you enjoying the summer so far? I am looking forward to being out in July but I really enjoyed teaching summer school this year at Davis doing Reading.

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