Today was our first appointment with the pediatrician. Apparently my fears that I am starving my children are almost correct… Kyla dropped to 5 lbs. 8 oz (a 10% loss) and Lucas dropped to 6 lbs. 5 oz (a 7% loss). And since the docs tend to start worrying with at 10% loss, they sent us over to visit with a lactation consultant.

The lactation consultant tried to get an assessment of how much they are getting from me, but neither would latch correctly. 😦 Apparently, Lucas has a tongue tie (the part that attaches his tongue to the bottom of his mouth is at the tip of his tongue), which makes it difficult for him to use is tongue correctly to get milk. While there the LC had me feed them formula using a tube and my finger. She also gave me some suggestions for improving my supply and showed me a few ways to supplement their feedings. She said they need to be eating at least 1 oz per feeding right now. Of course, I have no idea how much they get from me, but the pump doesn’t get that much, so I’m sure that is why they are losing so much weight (I know babies always lose some, but you know what I mean). She also told me I need to make sure to pump every time they eat, so I can signal to my body that it needs to make more milk. So apparently my days for awhile are going to be feed kid 1, feed kid 2, pump… feed kid 1, feed kid 2, pump… and that’s pretty much all I’ll be doing.

I have started giving them a bottle along with offering the breast, to make sure they get enough. Kyla seems to prefer my breast (I think the bottle is just to fast for her and she chokes), but Lucas is definitely preferring the bottle. I’m hoping that once we get his tongue tie taken care of (she said the ped can clip it) he will be more willing to eat from me. In the mean time, I’m trying my best to remember that at least he’s gotten (almost) exclusively breast milk, even if it isn’t directly from the “tap.”

Time to hit the sack. Two sleeping babies (for now) means we MIGHT get a bit of sleep ourselves!


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2 responses to “Pediatrician

  1. Tami

    Just wanted to give you a little encouragement but your children are doing well! If Kyla was 6lbs 2oz(98ounces) and is only down to 5lbs 13oz(93 ounces) she has only lost about 5% of her birth weight (10% would be almost 10 ounces since she weighed almost 100 ounces) For Lucas he was 109 ounces and now weighs 103 ounces for him losing 10% would be closer to 11 ounces. Just try to relax and know that you are NOT starving your children. A pump is no indication on how much baby is getting. My little one was 6lbs 13oz and at discharge was 6lbs 1oz but by 4 months he was almost 18 pounds with nothing but breastmilk. I could never get a drop of breastmilk in my medela but obviously he was getting plenty. Just try not to get discouraged and look not so much on their weight but also how many wet diapers they are having. You could also try alternating who eats first. You can do it, you have come so far!!

    • heartjourney

      Tami, thanks for the encouraging words. I actually got Kyla’s weight wrong. I accidentally put her weight from when we left the hospital. I’ve updated the correct weight.

      I’m trying to stay positive and stick with it. It’s hard, but I keep reminding myself that the people who give up on breastfeeding are the ones that don’t give it time to get better. We’ve only been working on this for 7 days. I can’t expect it to be perfect from the start. All three of us are learning.

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