Birth Story

Sorry to keep you hanging. We went back in Sunday night after food, naps, showers, and a walk. She was still 5-6 cm dilated.

But she had come to the point where she was done. She told the nurse to tell her OB that she wouldn’t leave until she was no longer pregnant. He said to get some rest and he’d come in the morning to break her water.

We were given our own (tiny) room and took the opportunity to get some sleep (as best we could on a hospital bed and cot (at least we have practice). Around 8:15 on Monday morning he broke her water and about 15 minutes later started her on a low dose (4) of pitocin. Contractions got a bit more frequent and a tad stronger, but still not enough… They upped the pitocin to 6 and things really picked up. I decided to go pump one last time (it was emotionally difficult watching LD go through so much for us). About 7 minutes later I get a text from Nathan to “wrap it up.” I pack up my things as fast as I can and rush back to the room. She’d gotten to 8 cm dilation and things were really picking up. Before we knew it she was saying she needed to push and the nursing staff jumped into action, wheeling her down to the OR (for “in case”).

Getting her settled into the OR felt like it took forever, but it probably only took minutes. As soon as Dr. K walked in, he got to work giving LD instructions.

Kyla Rose was born vaginally at 10:59 AM, weighing 6 lbs. 2 oz. and measuring 19.5 inches long. Through my tears I watched the nurses clean off my daughter (my daughter!).

Then I heard LD screaming. Lucas had turned breech and Dr. K was reaching in to turn him manually. Being unmedicated, LD was in a TON of pain (up until then she was very controlled). Finally, Dr. K pulled him out feet first. He didn’t start crying right away and the nurses shooed us away so the could take care of him. Just as they pulled out the O2 mask Lucas let out a great cry! He weighed 6 lbs 13 oz. and measured 20.5 inches long.

I felt torn between my daughter, my son, and LD. As I checked on her she told me to go be with my babies. I was handed Kyla and Nathan got Lucas. Just before we took them to the nursery to be weighed and such Dr. K came to take a look at Lucas and said to make sure they checked his arm because he had felt something pop.

In the nursery we each stayed with one of the twins, then switched. The nurse examining Lucas noticed that he wouldn’t move his right arm, so they contacted the orthopedist and would not let him be moved until after an xray and ortho consult.

I was torn, but Kyla needed to eat, so I went with her to our room and Nathan stayed with Lucas.

I can’t explain how wonderful it was to put Kyla to my breast and have her latch on the first try! She ate for a good 20 minutes before falling asleep.

Nathan called to say that Lucas’s blood sugar was low and they needed to give him vit. D (I think that’s right) either through a tube down his throat or a bottle. As much as I didn’t want to, I okayed the bottle. Later I got a text saying that Lucas’s right arm was broken and they were sending him to NICU until the ortho determined what to do so they could manage pain.

While I was waiting on word about Lucas I texted LD to find out how she was feeling. David texted back to say she was losing a lot of blood and they were taking her for a D&C. I immediately started praying and worrying.

In the mean time, the nursery came to take Kyla for her bath. I decided to take the opportunity to go see Lucas. Unfortunately, the NICU was at shift change and I wasn’t allowed in. 😦 So I returned to the room and waited on word from LD’s husband. Just as I was losing patience waiting for them to return Kyla to me I found out LD was back from the D&C (it may sound like it took very little time to get this news,but it felt like an eternity to me). So I went to the nursery and they were just finishing with Kyla. I asked if we could stop at LD’s room first so she could see her.

OMG, seeing LD so pale was heart wrenching. I hated knowing that we had played a part in her feeling lousy. We showed her Kyla, then left to give her some time to heal.

I was finally able to go see Lucas, so Nathan stayed with Kyla while I went to NICU. The orthopedist happened to come by while I was there (along with my SIL). He showed me the xray. Lucas’s humerus bone (the bone between the elbow and shoulder) had a complete break in the middle of it. So he decided to splint his whole arm, just to immobilize it for comfort, as baby bones heal very easily (if an older child or adult had the same break, they would need plates and pins :thud). I sat with Lucas, with my finger in his mouth for comfort, while the doctor wrapped his arm. The brave (or in shock?) boy didn’t cry at all. The only indications that he was in pain were facial expressions and he would suck harder on my finger… After he was done the doc said he saw no reason why Lucas needed to stay in NICU. Yea!!!

He was released to the nursery where they finally gave him a “bath.” While they did that, I went back to the room to try to feed Kyla again. Soon after, we had both babies together for the first time outside the womb. 🙂
Lucas and Kyla

There is more to the story, of course, but for now I’m back to feeding my son (he’s doing great!). Both LD and the babies are being released today, so I’ll work on the rest at home. 🙂



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12 responses to “Birth Story

  1. Alison

    Oh, man – that sounds incredibly harrowing! But those babies are so beautiful! I am so happy for you!

  2. Chris

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I kept checking back to see if those babies were here yet. Boy sounds like you guys were all put through the wringer. Give LD a hug as well as Nathan and of course those beautiful little babies. I am so very happy for you all.

  3. Jamie

    Congrats, Mom and Dad! You have two sweet babies. You have a wonderful LD that gave you the worlds best gift.

  4. Becky

    I am so glad to finally be able to see those precious baby faces. I will pray for LD’s quick recovery as well as the healing of the humerus. You have been very blessed, which I am certain you are well aware of. Enjoy each moment.

  5. Jennifer

    Congratulations, they are beautiful.

  6. Lori Shugart

    What a story! LD is one wonderful lady to give you such a wonderful gift. You already sound like a pro parent. I hope things continue to be good and I wish you the best! I hope you get a little sleep at least. They were such a good size for twins. Wow! Again, they are so so beautiful and yes you do have a daughter and a son.Again, I get emotional reading all this because of the wonderful journey.Talk to you all soon! Lori

  7. Vicki

    Congrats mom and dad!! Your babies are just too cute!!!

  8. Kristin

    Congrats! They are beautiful!!! :0)

  9. Cathy Manor

    Congratulations! Wow! Blessings to all. It was hard to read through all my tears. I sent OU pictures to my OU son! Hugs and more hugs to all.

  10. Debbie

    Congratulations! I’ve been checking often for news; so glad to hear it finally! I’m glad both babies and LD are doing ok. Very happy that you are nursing for real now! 🙂 Babies are better than pumps, so you should be getting more milk while nursing. Keep us updated when you can. 🙂

  11. Tera

    Congrats! Its so amazing to read all this . . . I’ve been checking your blog like crazy for an update. I am so glad everything has turned out well and that you’re at home now. Blessings to LD for all her heroism and strength. So now the real fun begins! Its tag team time. I’m thankful Lucus isn’t in pain and that you’re nursing so well! Hugs to you all!

  12. Ivy

    Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you 🙂 I hope little Lucas heals quickly!

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