Quick Update

For those of you who are checking this site hourly today, the day is NOT today. 😉 We’re back home and the babies appear to be snuggled in for the long haul. LD’s cervix is still 3.1 cm long. We expect they’ll stay put for another week or two (of course, you never can tell with babies!). We did get a surprise today. It appears that baby boy has turned to transverse (sideways) instead of the head down he’s been for awhile. Baby girl is still head down, and that’s the important thing (we’re aiming for a vaginal birth, so she has to be head down for the OB to consider it). There’s still time for him to turn again, but LD’s OB is saying he wants to “talk” with her at her appointment on Monday. LD expects a battle. I think they both just like to poke at each other to see how much of a rise they can get. 😉 Hopefully LD will stop worrying about it between now and then (She was thinking about it all afternoon). No need to stress when she has no idea what his “talk” will entail.

So the wait continues. I’m glad, for the most part. But it sure is hard to wait!


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One response to “Quick Update

  1. Lori Shugart

    Good luck! Hope for the best for you!

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