We made it!

Not only did we turn our movie in on time (with 1.5 minutes to spare!), but the babies behaved and stayed put! 😀 Another great video race in the can. The whole day I kept thinking about the fact that this time next year our son and daughter will be nearly a year old. I wonder how they’ll feel about video race birthday parties? 😉 I am looking forward to the day they can join us in the race. Who knows, next year they could have cameos! 😉 But no, they will not be staying up with us the whole 24 hours. And they will probably be staying with a grandparent. They’ll have to duke it out over which one gets to do the honors. 😉

Yesterday was very different for us as far as video races go. I was not in the movie at all (this has only happened one other time). I was okay with that, though. Starting on Friday I became incredibly swollen. My ankles were the size of footballs and my toes looked like sausages. It was quite painful. I was much happier behind the camera. I also had to take a break once in awhile to pump. I didn’t pump nearly as many times as I would have on a normal day, but I did manage to get in 5 before we headed to the finish line. I just hope it doesn’t throw me off too much (I wouldn’t think one day would be too big a deal). When we got home from the finish line I decided to pump before going to bed so I could sleep for a longer chunk. I fell asleep attached to the pump. Fortunately, N got a phone call before he got into bed. He noticed I’d been gone a long time (I was pumping in the babies’ room) and he came to find me. I have no idea how long I’d been sleeping. Then, N said my face looked strange (red) and that my mouth was moving funny when I talked. Not sure what that was about.

Oh! And before the race started I decided to pump in the car so I could make it through planning without needing to. We were parked in a handicap spot in the parking garage. Which, unfortunately, is next to the elevators and the security office. After the second security officer came by to check on me I just said “I’m pumping breastmilk.” The security guy put his hands up and said “‘Nuff said,” and backed away. It was pretty funny. It was a great spot for getting out quickly, but it was a bit embarrassing.

Well, I’m off to pump again! Then I think it’s time for a nap. I’m not recovered from yesterday yet…

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