So this is what nesting feels like…

LD continues to have contractions that come and go. We know this is fairly normal with a twin pregnancy, but it doesn’t stop us from worrying just a little that our wee ones are planning an early arrival.

So the panic has set in to get everything ready. Today I spent the whole day doing baby laundry (5 loads) and reorganizing things in the nursery so they are more compatible with our needs (when I got it all back into the room for the party it was pretty much a free-for-all, putting things wherever they fit).

I also started packing the diaper bag. Only, I don’t know what size clothes or diapers to put in there. I’m thinking I’ll just stick a pack of premie diapers and a pack of newborn diapers into the trunk of the car, and whichever we need is the one we’ll open when the time comes. After all, the hospital will provide some for while we’re there. As for clothes, I have some onsies that say “0-3 months,” yet appear to be the same size as the premie ones I’ve got (but I assume they stretch). So I’m thinking I’ll take those and if they’re a bit big, so what. Plus, they’ll have clothes from the hospital too.

I hope to have both the babies’ bag and our bag packed by the end of the weekend. LD says she got hers packed today. My prayer is that by being ready, Kyla and Lucas will decide to settle in for a bit longer. Actually, N and I think they’ll probably come either in the middle of Video Race, or the next morning, after we’ve been up for nearly 48 hours straight. It would be just our luck. šŸ˜‰

Anyway, we do appreciate all the prayers that the twins stay put awhile longer. And we know that you will continue them. Hopefully God’s plans and ours will coincide just a little this time. šŸ˜‰


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