Last night was our Burgeoning Babies BBQ Blowout. We had invited a TON of people, but it turned out that this weekend (while the only one on which WE were available) was apparently a busy weekend for everyone else. We had about 25-30 people say they were going to try to make it, so of course we made enough food to feed twice that. 😉 N grilled beef and chicken for fajitas, as well as cooking up some of his “Mexican Hotdogs” (brats cooked in beer and salsa) and queso in the slow cooker, I whipped up some guacamole and sour cream/tomato/bacon dip, and we bought some rice and beans from a local Mexican restaurant. The spread was quite impressive. I think we’ll be able to survive on the leftovers for at least a month! 😉 I’ve put the majority into the freezer so we can have some quick meal options when the babies arrive and suck all time for things like cooking from the universe.

We ended up with about 18 adults, 6 “kids” (varying in age from 7-16), 1 toddler, and 4 babies. Man I loved it! 😀 The toddler has met me once before, but she surprised me when she came over to me and held her hands up for me to hold her. I enjoyed carrying her around a bit as well as watching N’s interactions with her (helping her to “play” the drums on Rock Band was too cute!). Then the triplets came! Oh my goodness they are adorable! They are almost 11 months old and so much fun to watch. N got them giggling up a storm, of course (he’s so good at that), which is the absolute best sound in the world. And watching their mom feed them all at once was quite the learning experience! I know I will be calling on her for advice when the going gets tough. I think playing with the various children was the highlight of the evening for me. 😉

We also got to show off the nursery, even though it’s not quite done. Everyone seemed to like it. I know N and I are proud of how it’s turning out. I just hope we don’t stop working on it simply because the party is over and the pressure is off. I’d still like it to be done before the kids are in college. 😉 However, for today, we’ve both agreed that we need a day of rest. We’re exhausted!


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  1. LaDonna

    Aw, sounds like a wonderful time! Just think…you’ll have your own babies to play with in just a few more weeks!!!! 🙂 (((hugs)))

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