The nursery

Apparently these things don’t do themselves… You can’t just come up with a cute theme for the babies’ room and then have it magically happen overnight. Nope. You have to actually put some work into it… Who knew!

So Friday N got started on the room. He taped the edges of the room and started the first coat of paint by the time I got home from work. I helped a little with the painting and then we called it a night. Saturday my MIL came over and we got a lot of painting done. We did a little more on Sunday and now the only thing left (as far as paint goes) is some touch ups. Yesterday N started getting sick, so he didn’t get as much done as he would have liked. He did put together the crib, though. It is now sitting in our dining room. I rough-cut the fabric for the curtains and threw them in the washer. Today I need to get that fabric ironed and pinned so I can sew them. Shouldn’t take long, once I get motivated enough to get started.

It would be great if we get the room done by Saturday, but I’m nervous it won’t happen. I just want the room done enough to get all of the boxes and bags out of my living room and breakfast nook (not to mention the crib out of the dining room). Plus, we need to have time to do some actual cleaning! I don’t want my friends and coworkers to realize what slobs we really are (of course, my coworkers probably have a clue if they’ve ever looked in my office. 😉 )!


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