I’m going to attempt to get some details recorded while I wait for the first coat of paint to dry (N started on the babies’ room and I helped when I got home from work).

First of all, Wednesday night I was probably more nervous than I realized, as I didn’t end up eating dinner really (ate some chips/queso and a slice of pizza), and didn’t get to bed until 11 (that’s late for me!). I must have turned off my 1:30 alarm without waking up because I don’t remember it at all! I woke up 10 minutes before my 5:00 alarm and thought, “Wow. I feel really awake.” Guess 6 hours of sleep at once can do that when it’s been months since you’ve slept more than 3 hours consecutively! LOL

Anyway, I went ahead and got up at 5 and got ready for the day at a leisurely pace. I woke N up around 7ish and we were both set and ready to go at 8. He had even gotten gas and cash the night before, so we didn’t have to worry about that. I made coffee (for him), tea (for me), and toast, so we didn’t have to worry about stopping for breakfast either. I was SO proud of us. We were getting out early enough that we’d be able to have lunch with LD and D. 😀 … But lunch was not to be. Before we’d even gotten 30 minutes from the house we hit a spot of traffic. No biggie, right? Nope. We SAT for 45 minutes! We ended up getting to LD’s house at 12 rather than 11 as we’d hoped. We drove through Sonic on the way to the doctor’s office so that N and I could have lunch (I’d already told LD and D to eat without us). We arrived at the perinatologist’s at exactly 1 o’clock. Whew!

The echo tech came in and did an u/s of LD’s cervix because they had heard she’d had some shortening and wanted to check on that. Then she got to looking at the babies. They have grown SO much!

Here’s Kyla:

She was much more cooperative than last time. Though she’s so low that it’s difficult to get a good look at her. She was also being quite the pest to her brother.

Here’s the best we could get of Lucas:

In case you’re wondering, there are THREE little feed in front of Lucas’s face. One is his (we think the one on top) and two belong to Kyla. We can’t decide if she’s saying “Smell my feet!” or kicking him in the face! 😉

The tech finished up and N and I were very confused. We asked, “What about their hearts? We were here to look at their hearts.” Well, the tech said she knew nothing about that. We started to get a bit concerned. Then she said “The doctor will be coming in and he’ll be looking again.” That made us feel better.

Sure enough, the perinatologist came in and started off asking questions about health (mine) and pregnancy history (LD’s). When he heard my long list of heart defects he said “You’re fun. I could talk about you all day!” Glad he thinks so! 😉 He then checked the babies’ hearts and they both looked great. All the blood was flowing in the right direction and beating strong. It was SUCH a relief. When he finished up LD asked him a few questions and he said he didn’t see any funneling of her cervix when he looked. Another relief. 😀

After the stressful way the day started, I am SO glad it worked out the way it did. I’d rather have a stressful drive than a stressful appointment!

Now I’m off to paint another coat in the nursery! 😀


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One response to “Details

  1. Kristin

    Glad to hear everything went well! They are getting so big!

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