Prayers needed

For about the last month or so I’ve made sure to have my cell phone on me at all times. This morning I forgot to put it in my pocket and I missed a phone call from LD and a text message from my husband. I read the text first. It said “Don’t freak. I’ve already talked to her. Everything is fine. Signs are just pointing to early delivery. She’s getting steroids now just in case.” 😮 Um, WTH?!? How do I NOT worry after a message like that?!? So then I listen to the message from LD and I can’t really remember what she said, just that the babies are looking good but could I please call her because there was some new information… Of course, I call her immediately. Yesterday she was having a lot of contractions (or braxton hicks, not sure which). About 4-5 in an hour. I knew this, as I was talking to her through some of them. But they did slow down, so we weren’t worried. Today she had an ultrasound scheduled to check on everything. Well, the babies look great, measuring a little ahead even (Lucas is measuring 3.5 lbs and Kyla is 3 lbs). However, LD’s cervix is starting to thin and open up at the top. So they gave her a steroid shot and will give her another tomorrow. They are also having her take terbutaline to make her uterus relax. They suggested bed rest as well. However, she has only one more week left of school for the semester (she’s in nursing school), so DH and I both told her to finish the semester. We don’t want her to lose an entire semester’s worth of VERY hard work for just one week. And we know she’ll take it as easy as she can in class, and rest completely at home. Once classes are over she’ll go on bedrest for the remainder.

I’m encouraged by the fact that many people I’ve talked to have had this happen (around the same time) and were able to continue to cook the babies for quite some time. But I’m SO afraid of NICU time. I want to be able to hold my babies right away. But I know it is all in God’s hands and He knows what is best.

Please pray the babies stay in long enough to be able to come home and not need a stay in the NICU. And if you could add a prayer that they’ll be champion breastfeeders, that would be great too!


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  1. Lori Shugart

    I am praying for you. Did the babies have their fetal echo tests today? Hope that went well! Wow the babies are growing fast though! Lori

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