Yes, we still have a couple of months left before we meet our babies. But the countdown is on, and it feels like we may not get everything done before they arrive.

Things left to do:

  1. Paint the nursery (we bought paint this weekend, and finally got the couch moved, but still need to clean a bit more before painting).
  2. Make curtains, blankets, wall decorations, etc. to accessorize the nursery.
  3. Put together the crib and other furniture.
  4. Find and purchase a dresser/changing table (we want a combo, to save space).
  5. Organize and put away all of these gifts from friends and family (right now they are piled in our living room and breakfast nook).
  6. Prepare for our BBQ Party (our last hurrah before adding babies to the mix).
  7. Host our BBQ Party.
  8. Video Race (this is scheduled for Memorial day weekend. It’s an annual event that we’ve never missed. Hopefully we get to participate this year).
  9. Pack for the delivery (we’ll need to have stuff ready if we happen to get a call saying “Come now!”).
  10. Thoroughly clean/scrub/vacuum our house (we live like pigs. Seriously.)
  11. Collapse from exhaustion, since it’s the last time we’ll get to collapse. Ever.

Looking at our task list (which I’m sure I left lots of stuff off, but it’s already intimidating enough) and the number of days we have that we won’t be at work is making our heads spin. Will we get it done? Especially since Nathan has set the goal of having the babies’ room done by our BBQ party, which is only two weeks away! YIKES!!!


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  1. Tera

    Maybe the BBQ party should entail a painting party too? Seriously, if you need the name a good housekeeper to thoroughly clean/scrub/vacuum your house, let me know . . . any help I can be, please let me know!

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