Well, I survived the shower. And amazingly, opposing family members were quite civil. Mom even talked to Dad on Saturday and didn’t bolt at the first opportunity.

I always feel awkward when the only reason a group of people is gathered together is because they all know me. I feel like I have to spend time with everyone, yet there never seems to be enough time. Fortunately, almost everyone knew at least one other person there (sorry T!), so they were able to talk to someone familiar. I’m glad I was able to see everyone, even if it felt weird opening present after present and having all eyes on me. I guess I only like to be in the spotlight when there is a stage and acting involved…

The babies made out like bandits. I think just about everyone got them each one or two outfits (or in the case of some relatives, about 90!). We have a HUGE pile of presents sitting in the living room (still one more load of stuff at my aunts house to pick up). We don’t have room in the babies’ room right now (there’s already a pile of stuff for them in there!). My plan had been to start cleaning the sewing room today to make room for moving furniture from the babies’ room to there. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite gotten started on that yet. That’s not to say I haven’t been productive. I’ve finished all of the thank you notes and will be heading out to mail them in a few minutes (have to finish pumping). I also set up an appointment with the vet for Chili. She woke up at 3 AM and screamed in pain. When I woke up and checked on her, she would yelp any time I touched her leg. This morning she wouldn’t get up and I had to carry her outside to the grass. She seems to be favoring her left front leg and won’t take even a step. She’s been laying on the couch all morning (I put her there). I also made an appointment to take my car in for an oil change and inspection. But I may have to call and change the time. I don’t know that I gave myself enough time between appointments to come home and pump! I didn’t think about it at the time.

Tomorrow we are going to OK for our 3D/4D ultrasound. I’m excited. LD came down for the shower and I did get to feel my little boy kick a couple of times (my daughter appears to be a bit stubborn). I’m looking forward to seeing their adorable little faces tomorrow. 😀 I’ll try to post pics on Thursday.


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