Ultrasound Update

So we had our Level II sonogram yesterday. The babies are looking awesome. Baby 1 is measuring 23w0d and Baby 2 is 23w1d, so right on target. We got to see their spines, hearts, brains, hands, feet, tummies, and adorable little faces (see the pics below). And most interesting of all, we got to see their “naughty bits” as N has been known to call them. And it appears that Dr. K was wise to tell us not to cut the tags off of anything, because he was wrong. We are not having two girls. We are having one of each! 🙂 Caught Nathan and me by surprise, but LaDonna said “I told you so.” Personally, I think she cheats. 😉

Oh! And we got to feel little Baby 2 move!!! He’s a strong one! LOL Hopefully we’ll get to feel them both some more when LD comes down for my shower in a week and a half. 🙂 This was just the pick-me-up I needed. As a matter of fact, I got more milk than I have any other day! A grand total of 4.25 oz. 😀

But everyone, please pray for LD. Especially on Wednesdays. She looked SOOO tired. She says that clinical days (Wednesdays) are miserable. 😦 But she still insists she doesn’t regret anything. Hopefully she still thinks that in a couple more months. 😉 (We love you LD!!!)

Baby GirlBaby Boy



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4 responses to “Ultrasound Update

  1. Jennifer

    Congrats on one of each, that is so cool.

  2. Kristin

    Wow! Didn’t see that coming but shouldn’t surpise me though. We had hoped to find out what we were having this past Friday but the OB wouldn’t do it. He said we had to wait till the 20 week U/S which will be in 4 weeks! I was so bummed when I left his office but after reading your suprise it maybe for the best too wait!



  3. Jean

    OMG LaDonna was your surrogate? How funny! I found your blog on the BLW forums and was reading because my twins were born 9/19/09… LaDonna was on an AOL board with me for my four year old son as a surrogate. 🙂 The internet is such a small place.

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