So much for that idea.

Every now and then it feels as if God is orchestrating things to fall exactly into place. When you feel like that, you get really comfortable. But God likes to keep you on your toes. So it’s a good idea to never get too comfy… I got reminded of that little lesson today.

Back in August I had mentioned to someone that I was interested in finding a job share position (two people sharing one position, each working part time) for the 2009-10 school year. Overhearing my comment, a librarian from another school said she too was interested in sharing next year. It was like a match made in heaven! We were both looking for the same thing, at the same time. Perfect, right? So I asked our district library coordinator about it. She said that the district would only pay for insurance for one of the two that are sharing. Small panic. Until I talked with my potential sharer, who said she is on her husband’s insurance and I could have it. Great! No problems now…

Then I get an email from the library coordinator today. Apparently, for “financial reasons” the district is no longer allowing job share positions. So we’re out of luck. And the carpet was yanked right out from under us. 😦

We’re both expecting children and want to be able to work our schedules with our husbands so that we do not have to use childcare. Just when we should be at our happiest, we’re stuck wondering if we’ll even be able to afford to keep a roof over our children… Okay, it may not be quite THAT bad (I hope), but it stinks. And I’m not sure what we’re going to do.

I’ve come up with two possible options. One is to substitute. It doesn’t get paid much, and it does not provide benefits, but if I work 90 days or more within a school year I get credit for a year in TRS. Plus, it’s very flexible and I can work around N’s schedule, whatever that might be.

The other option is to work at a book store part time. Barnes and Noble and Borders both provide benefits to part time employees. I’m not sure if they’re any good or not, of course. And I’m sure they pay didly, but at least it would be a paycheck, and I’d have the option of working weekends for more flexibility with N’s schedule.

Honestly, the substituting sounds like the better option to me, but I don’t know what N will think, or what would be best financially. We may be tightening our belts even more than we originally thought. One thing’s for sure. I’m glad N didn’t change his job status and drop insurance.



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3 responses to “So much for that idea.

  1. Lori Shugart

    Sorry to hear that! But honestly it doesn’t surprise me with everybody cutting back and the district is doing that too. I would say the substitute option does sound like a better idea but who knows? What about tutoring charging $25-30 per hour in reading, math for younger kids and TAKS skills too doing it 3-4 afternoons a week but that might not work with N’s schedule.But never mind, there is no insurance there again. I know you were hoping so bad to job share but nothing is easy anymore not in Garland. Does Plano or Allen allow job sharing?

  2. Tera

    Ohhh . . . Niki, I am so sorry. Job sharing was the perfect solution, but God will orchestrate something else for you. Subbing is always great and Allen is hard-up for sub’s (or so I heard on the news a month ago). Check out the public library’s too in and around our area. They often need PT librarians and may possibly do the job share thing there. Many counties and cities are losing money left and right as foreclosures continue to skyrocket and they are losing that property tax money which keep the rec centers, libraries, and public works stations operational. Maybe if you go to them and present the job sharing idea, they’ll “bite.” Good luck and keep your head up. I know this is a stressful time for you. Love ya much and am here if you need anything!

  3. Allison

    That stinks Niki. Keep your chin up though…..God will work it out for you. I know it seems hard to think that way, but trust in Him. I know you do. Hopefully you’ll find something that will work with yours and N’s schedule so you can be with those precious babies.

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