“Let down” and other things

No, no one let me down. I’m referring to the phenomenon of a woman’s milk “letting down” in order for it to flow more freely. From what I read, people feel a sort of “swoosh” when this happens… I’ve never felt it. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have much TO “swoosh” or if I’m just weird. Either way, I’m disappointed that I don’t feel it. Maybe I will eventually. At any rate, I’m continuing to get a little more milk each day. Yesterday I got 2.75 oz. So far I seem to get about .25 oz more a day, even if I don’t get all of my pump sessions in. Makes me wonder if I should add the night pump back in. I’m glad I’ve had a steady increase, as it has helped keep me encouraged to continue.

As for the heart stuff… My blood came back completely normal. No anemia. So now I have NO clue what could be causing the PVCs. The NP had me increase my torpol from 75 mg once a day to 50 mg twice a day. I haven’t had any issues today, but I haven’t really done anything either. The true test will be if/when I get out and about. I doubt that will happen today. N and I decided that we’d stay home all day so we don’t have to face the crowds of Valentine’s Day.

Speaking of, N outdid himself today (yet again). He went to the grocery store yesterday and bought food for the whole day. He made breakfast, and put dinner in the slow cooker (Sketti sauce… my favorite!). He had me make lunch, but it was the least I could do. 😉 Also, this morning he had a card and gift for me. The card was a funny one (as always) about how we’re so comfortable together we can “whiz with the door open.” 😉 And then I opened the gift bag… A box of Crayolas. I smiled and said thank you. He said “Open the box.” Inside (along with the crayons) was a charm for a necklace. My smile grew even wider. It’s the shape of a box of crayons! How perfect?! LOL. I feel like a doofus, though. I had thought we were going to get recliners for each other for Valentine’s, so I didn’t even get him so much as a card. I’m a horrible wife. 😛

I have to say this: Over the last couple of months I’ve fallen in love with my husband all over again. He has been my biggest support and has surprised me with his understanding and encouragement along the way. At times when I annoy even myself, he’s held steady. When we have conversations about the babies and what is to come, he is confident and yet understanding of my own fears. He and I seem to be so much more on the same wavelength when it comes to parenting then I ever could have hoped. My husband is going to be a GREAT dad. I have zero doubt in my mind. There may be times when I doubt my own abilities, but my confidence in him has never wavered. With him, I can do this. And I’ve got the best possible partner by my side as we enter this new chapter of our lives. I can’t wait!

BTW- We have our level 2 sonogram scheduled for March 4th. I’m so excited!!!



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2 responses to ““Let down” and other things

  1. singletracey

    Just found your blog. Do you mind if I add you to my blogroll? Also, sounds like your inducing lacation. I hope to do that too.. I will have to catch up on your blog… so happy to find you.


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