Oops I did it again…

No, I didn’t eat a pint of ice cream. But I did miss my 3 PM pump session again. 😦

I ended up having to go to see my EP at that time. I’ve been feeling somewhat lightheaded and fatigued for a few days now, but today I added feeling a LOT of PVCs (irregular heart rhythm) and shortness of breath. I couldn’t figure out which of my doctors I should call, since I was pretty sure it was being caused by either the IUD or the herbal supplements, but it was effecting my heart… I finally decided to call the EP, since they’d be able to check my ICD and tell me exactly what had been happening (if not why). Sure enough, just as I’d suspected, I’d been getting a lot more PVCs than usual. I saw the NP and he kept talking about the herbal supplements and how no one knows if it can cause palpitations. I reminded him that after getting the IUD put in I’d been bleeding heavily for two weeks now and wondered if I could be anemic. He was very wishy-washy, but finally decided to write orders for me to have my blood drawn. While he was at it, I asked if I could also have my INR checked, as I’ve been calling for more supplies for TWO MONTHS now and still haven’t gotten them. He wrote STAT on the orders, but I still won’t find out the results until tomorrow.

I also called my GYN office and left a message for the nurse briefly saying what had been going on and that I was going for blood work to see if I am anemic. The nurse called back, but I didn’t get to my phone on time, and it was after office hours so I couldn’t call her back. She left a message and said that I should call in the morning (after 9:15) and if I really thought I was anemic I should take iron pills. I actually got some yesterday and started taking them, so I’m good to go on that front.

N is very upset with the NP. He thinks he’s under reacting and should have sent me to the ER so we could have the results faster. He also thinks that my red blood cell count will be so low that they’ll want to either give me a nupagen (sp?) shot or a blood transfusion. I think N’s over reacting, but he says that if I’m short of breath, that’s not good. I agree, but I also know I notice symptoms way before most people, so I think I’m still in the “safe” zone. Hopefully I can just keep taking the iron pills and be good. If this stupid period would stop I’m sure I’d feel much better!

As if all of that wasn’t enough, I also found out this week that having me on N’s insurance is a complete waste of money. I use his as a secondary to pick up what my insurance doesn’t cover. At least, that’s the way it is supposed to work (and I swear it used to!). But apparently that is not the case now. Instead of paying for the 20% my insurance did not pay for, they applied it to “co-insurance” because they seem to have a “No Duplication Plan.” They say they won’t pay for anything until I meet maximum out of pocket. But if that’s the case, they’ll never end up paying anything at all. By the time I meet out of pocket for THEM, I’ll have met the out of pocket for MY insurance and they’ll be paying 100%. So as secondary, they get off scott free and get to collect my premiums as well! 😮 It’s just not right. So N and I have been discussing various options. Because it’s not like we can just drop me from his insurance. Oh, no. That can’t be done until “open enrollment” in October unless there’s a “change of status.” So we’re considering having N change HIS status. If he goes to PRN at work he no longer gets benefits. Which would be a change of status (and drop us both from his insurance) and I should be able to get him onto my insurance. At first we weren’t sure if that would be a good option, since it’s so expensive to put him on mine. But he would make more money as PRN (if he works the same number of hours he works now), so that would make up for it. Of course, we don’t know yet what it will cost when (if) I switch to part time (job share), so I’m going to try calling tomorrow to find out. If it still works out well, I think we’ll be going with this plan. Why, oh why, does insurance have to be such a headache?!?!


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One response to “Oops I did it again…

  1. Tera

    Don’t even get me started on the insurance soap box my dear. You wouldn’t believe what we’re going through! You’d better be OK with your heart and blood miss-priss. I am gonna come over there and whack you if you wind back in the hospital again. . . just kidding, but seriously, TAKE CARE OF YOU and don’t over-do! We love you!

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