Interesting Realizations

Okay, so I’ve figured out two things…

First involves the IUD I had put in one week ago. In the brochure it says that it works by preventing implantation, or something like that. But that’s a total lie. No, I believe the IUD works like this: It keeps you bleeding so long and so profusely you’ll never even THINK about having sex again… That’s how it’s 99.4% effective. πŸ˜›

The second is about the inducing lactation. I’ve realized that I will probably have to go back to waking up in the middle of the night to pump. This morning when I woke up my breasts were sore. Not unbearably painful, but uncomfortable for sure. I don’t think I was engorged or anything. I don’t make enough for that. But I’ve noticed that I get a little more sore the longer I go without pumping. I guess this is a good thing. Things continue to go well. Each day I seem to get a little bit more. I’m so excited that this is going so well. I just hope I’m not too exhausted by the time the babies arrive. πŸ˜‰

Oh, wait. I think I came up with one more thing I realized… Registering is hard. N and I went to Babies R Us today to try and get a start on our registry, and I think we put about 10 items on it. We couldn’t decide on anything. Well, we were okay on some of the small things. But when we start thinking about the big stuff, we just can’t seem to settle on anything. Not too surprising, considering the fact that it took us over a year and a half before we finally got the TV we’d been talking about getting… Blah.

Time to pump and head for bed.


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