Who would have thought that the weekend would be more difficult to fit in all of my pumpings than the week days? But apparently it’s true! Friday I managed 7, but barely. Saturday I only got in 6, and that was thanks to the dogs waking me at 5:30 to let them out. I went ahead and pumped before going back to sleep. Today I’ve gotten 3 so far. I doubt I’ll fit 4 more in before the end of the day. Six is probably doable, though.

I guess the main reason it’s so much harder is because I’m not in a routine on those days. On week days I’m in exactly two locations. My house, or work. But on weekends that isn’t the case. I may be home all day, but I’m just as likely to be out and about. Like yesterday, I went up to Oklahoma to see LD and her family. I had to pump right before I left, then again as soon as I got there. I managed to pump three times while there, then had to make the three hour trip back again. I didn’t actually pump the sixth time until after midnight (so maybe that one should count for today? 😉 ). Today I had errands to run. I had to pick up dog food, get gas in my car, and go to the grocery store. But I also wanted to go to Babies R Us and look at some things. So, in order to accommodate my errands and pumping, I came back to the house in between errands. Fortunately I haven’t been going very far from my house for these errands, but still…

Speaking of those errands, I mentioned that I went to Babies R Us today. I actually left without the stuff I’d intended to get (oops), and instead got distracted by all the “stuff.” I started off looking at the little girl clothes. I thought maybe it could help me get happy again if I actually bought something for the babies. You know, help me feel more involved. But there were too many cute things! I couldn’t decide. So I got nothing. I also looked at cribs and think I figured out which one I’d like (if we go with one from BRU). Then I looked at the dressers that come with it. I didn’t like them. They all have knobs. I think it would be better to have ones without knobs so the little ones won’t be as tempted to pull drawers open and shut. I then moved on to the strollers. They actually had the snap and go that I had been thinking about so I was able to look at how flat it folds and get a better idea of how big it is. I also looked at bedding, blankets, pack’n’plays, and a bunch of other stuff. I finally left thinking I’m going to need to get N to come with me one evening this week so we can do some serious registering. 🙂


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  1. Tera

    So, when’s the shower?

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