Was that a spray?

I did skip the 1 AM pumping. But I also ended up missing the 6 PM pumping because of the PTA program this evening. 😦 So today I only pumped 5 times. But even so, I ended up getting 1.25 oz total today! And at the 8 AM pumping I actually got some spray! It wasn’t much, but I looked down and saw a skinny stream of milk spraying out of my nipple. I was amazed and excited. 😀

It probably was a good thing I didn’t pump as many times today. It seemed that every time I did, my cramps would return. Logic tells me that nursing helps a woman’s uterus contract after giving birth, so probably the pumping is making my uterus go haywire after the IUD placement.

Things are going well enough that I’m considering dropping the night pumping for awhile. I really think I need the sleep more than the pumping for now. Though I have no doubt that eventually I’ll need to reinstate it. Especially since the 6 hours between pumpings this afternoon led to some pretty tender breasts.

So before I head for bed, let’s recap:

  • Pumped 5 times: 5 AM, 8 AM, 11 AM, 3 PM, 9 PM
  • Total milk pumped: 1.25 oz
  • Took More Milk Plus and Goat’s Rue 1 capsule each, 4 times.
  • Drank Mother’s Milk Tea, 2 cups.
  • Ate whole oat cereal.

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