This isn’t a lactation update. That will come later. This is an update on getting that IUD placed today. I have one word. OUCH!

The OB/GYN said my uterus would cramp, but I certainly didn’t expect THAT! I can’t fully describe the feeling, but I can’t be entirely sure an expletive didn’t escape my lips (I think I was good, but my memory is fuzzy). Afterwards the nurse said I looked really pale. The doc said “She’s always pale.” Thanks a lot. 😛 Seriously, though, I’m glad they told me to stay laying down for awhile. I’m not sure I would have been able to stand.

This gives me a whole new appreciation for LD. When she was getting her uterus checked, and when they did the transfer she said she was cramping. I had no idea how inadequate that word is for that feeling. Wow. Makes me that much more glad I was asleep when they did the egg retrieval.

So I’m not is nearly as much pain as I was for those few seconds, but now I feel like I’ve got bad menstrual cramps. I think I may go find the heating pad…


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