Lactation appointment

Okay, so I told you all earlier this week that I had scheduled an appointment with my OB/GYN to discuss inducing lactation. I was hoping that she would tell me my GP was overly paranoid and that domperidone would be safe for me to take. However, that did not happen. 😦

However, she did not just brush me off like my GP did. She continued to look at other possibilities/protocols. She looked at Reglan, but dismissed that as well (I wouldn’t have wanted to take it anyway). She and her nurse looked and looked. I was actually there for two hours! Finally she recommended this:

I am on a drug called digoxin for my heart. Apparently it can sometimes have the side effect of causing women to lactate (this may explain the small amounts I’ve been known to get, and the strange reaction my breasts had to my nephew when he was a newborn). So she recommended following the Lenore protocol, just without the dom, hoping that the digoxin will sort of take its place. So once I finish my BCP pack (which is Saturday), I’m to start pumping every 3 hours along with starting Blessed Thistle and Fenugreek and eating oatmeal at least 3 times a week.

Looks like I’ll be going this weekend to shop for a pump! I mentioned renting a hospital grade, but the nurse said that the ones you buy now are pretty much the same as the hospital grade. Anyone know if this is true? Should I forgo the hospital grade and just get a good personal pump, or would it be better to start with the hospital grade?

Anyway, so it looks like I’m going to become Elsie pretty soon. I’ve been planning in my head when I’ll be able to fit in the pumpings at work. It’s going to be tight, but I think I might just manage it! Thank goodness we finally got curtains on the window to my office! LOL

Also, LD had an appointment today at the chiropractor. She said it was wonderful and that he is confident he can help make sure Baby A is head down. Yea! 🙂



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2 responses to “Lactation appointment

  1. Tera

    Go for the hospital grade. Everyone says the commercial ones are just as good. That is very untrue and every girlfriend I have known who uses a personal pump over renting the hospital grade (especially for twins) stopped breast feeding for various reasons, all related to milk supply because of their pump. The lactation nurse I worked with (our pedi keeps one on staff!) agreed to continue using the hospital grade too. The hospital grade is designed to mimic the suckling that a real infant and does this much better than the commercial ones. It was the best investment (to rent) we made with Ainsleigh. I couldn’t imagine trying to pump/freeze enough milk for 2 babies with a commercial one. Good luck. Mommy of 2 girls . . . WOW! Congrats 🙂

  2. Tami

    I think it’s awesome you are going to induce lactation =) Check with your insurance company about them covering the pump. My insurance company covered a double medela electric pump 100%, all I needed was a “prescription” from my ob. So she literally wrote on her prescription pad “double breast pump” and that was all I needed. I got this almost $300 pump for free. So check with your insurance company to see what your durable medical supply coverage is, more specifically breast pump. And if they won’t cover you to buy one outright see about what they will cover for you renting one! My 2nd one would not latch on right, I think she was tongue tied. I ended up pumping exclusively for her and was able to keep up my milk supply. My 3rd and 4th had no problems nursing and weaned at 2½ years. You really do need to pump around the clock though at least every 3 hours, during the day if you can do it more often then try to squeeze in some extra pumpings. I could tell a dramatic difference when I ate oatmeal in any kind (even oatmeal cookies!). Good luck!!

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