And they are…

Healthy and adorable! The babies were measuring 5 days ahead, with super long legs. LD glared at N and said “They’re going to be your size, aren’t they?” LOL

It was so very amazing. We got some pics, but they were pretty blurry, so I’m not going to bother posting. It was much more clear in person. OMG, I about cried when I saw one of them kicking at the doctor a he poked and prodded! We could see so much detail. The spines, ribs, brain, heart… even the bones of one little hand curled up next to a cheek! I was in total awe. I cannot wait to hold our little ones in our arms for the first time!

As for the genders, well they weren’t completely forthcoming. One even had the legs firmly crossed for awhile! The doc said not to remove any tags from anything, but that he’s pretty sure we’re having:

I think it’s going to get some getting used to, but N and I are coming around to liking the idea…

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  1. Kristin

    Sounds like everything is going well! How exciting! My surrogate is 8 weeks 2 days as of today with our twins! I have to say when we went in for the transfer my husband and I really only wanted to transfer 1 but the Dr really didn’t discuss it with us and he transferred 2. I’m really excited it’s twins though! And can’t wait till we are further along so I can be less stressed about it. I just want them to both make it and be healthy! That is so exciting that it is boy/girl. My husband and I are really rooting for girls ourselves but again will be excited either way. Just can’t wait till they are here!

    Have fun with the shopping and research on twins! I have already been reading up and researching what items to buy for ours!


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