Turtle time

The last 14 weeks seem to have flown by. I’m sure this second trimester is going to feel much slower, since we won’t have all of the appointments we had in the beginning. Then it will speed up again in the third trimester when the appointments will pick up again.

The time between appointments this go-round is taking FOREVER! I still have 2 more weeks to wait to see my babies (and my LD) again. šŸ˜¦ They’re going to be HUGE (all three of them!). And we might even be able to find out the genders. I have to say, I’m dying to know!

I’m starting to get interested in shopping for the babies. Up to this point, I didn’t feel a pull to it (though I admit I did look on the internet a little when I was bored). But now I am getting excited about outfitting the nursery. Of course, I still plan to go simple (no need to go crazy), but I can’t help pondering crib choices, stroller options, and various other quandaries. Funnily, I’m not interested in clothing just yet… Perhaps once I know the genders? Though I’m sure I still won’t be all that gung-ho on clothing, since I’m not much on clothing shopping for me! šŸ˜‰

Nathan and I figure we’ll get started on the nursery in February/March. That should give us plenty of wiggle room, in case the babies decide to come early (Please, God, not any earlier than 36 weeks!). My sister wants to throw a baby shower for us in April, but LD may not be able to travel then, so we are thinking about March instead. And the annual Multiples Sale is in April, so I imagine we should be all set come May.

One of the twins books that I read suggests not having the “traditional” baby shower and instead throwing a huge party with everyone you know and ask that they bring a case of diapers instead of a gift. The author said she and her husband did this and ended up not needing to buy diapers for two years! Of course, how you control the sizes people bring, I don’t know. Nathan and I are considering this option, but I’ll have to talk to my sister first. It would be nice to not have to go poor on diapers. šŸ˜‰

Okay, so I’m just rambling now… Felt the need to update, even though there’s not much to update. LD says she’s only feeling nauseous in the mornings now, but she’s still not gaining much weight because food doesn’t sound good or she feels full after only a few bites. I hope the eating thing gets easier! I don’t want her to waste away!



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2 responses to “Turtle time

  1. Jame

    I will mention that when we found out we were having twins each week we went out and bought a package of diapers. We also went on all of the different big name baby suppliers (pampers slimilac etc) and signed up so we got lots of coupons even some free things. Anything to save and be prepared for the big day.


    What is the actual due date of you little ones?

  2. She’ll be fine. I lost weight during my twin surrogacy. Not too much, but enough for me to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans leaving the hospital.

    Just remember, the babies get the nutrition first. During the second trimester, she’ll eat better, but soon she just won’t have the “room” to eat much!

    Everything sounds great! Congrats on your almost family!!

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